Towards a Dream World with 3D Printing



It’s been quite some time now since 3D printing’s been around. And it is already causing a stir.


Obviously, it should.


This technology is so much the thing almost all of us had dreamt of having during our childhood.


And why not?


With 3D printing, you can have almost everything that you want. And that too, within a short time.


It has to be admitted that 3D printing has been changing the world. And it will continue to do so in future as well.


Want to know why?


This technology has the ability to touch upon lots of fields. And it has already been doing so.


There are quite a few things, which are being acquired through 3D printing.


Let’s have a quick look at some of the most amazing things that 3D printing has already inspired. Or rather, has helped to construct!


Houses and Apartments


This has to come first because this is the biggest – both in terms of size and importance.


No matter how weird it sounds, it’s true that 3D printing is already being used to construct houses.



For example, houses have been constructed using 3D printing in China. Besides, there are also several other instances of this technology being used in building apartments.


Building a house with the help of 3D printing can have multiple advantages.

  • It is a low-cost process.
  • It helps to customize the construction according to your liking.
  • The construction can be completed in much less time.


So, there’s no reasons why this process of constructing houses wouldn’t become a favorite of the masses soon.



Faucets in the Washrooms


Materials coming straight out of the 3D printers are being installed in the houses as well. Among them, there are faucets and other things.


As they are being printed after being designed on the computer, these faucets can be given whatever shape you want.


So, you might end up creating faucets of some stunning designs. However, no matter how turned and twisted they are, these faucets work absolutely fine.



Fashionable Garments


Surprised that 3D printing can help to create garments as well?


Yes, this is true!


The world of fashion has already come within the gamut of 3D printing.


To start with, 3D printing was being used to construct jewelries. Besides, it started coming in handy to create a number of accessories, such as bags and others as well.


Then came the different wearables.



3D printed shoes have already become quite popular among the potential users. Moreover, eyewear, printed with the help of this technology, has also gained good ground. And recently, 3D printed dresses have also made news from a number of fashion shows.


3D printing helps the designers to create structures in accordance with the exact shape that he wants. Besides, it is also driving down the price of the garments to some extent.



Medical Implants


The 3D printing technology has every quality in it to create a complete new dimension for the medical world. And it is doing that already, thanks to some excellently innovative techniques.


The 3D printed organs and body parts are being used as implants wherever necessary. This is helping the patients significantly, as they can receive the urgently necessary things within a short time.


The technology is finding maximum usage in orthopedic, as they can be used to replace damaged bones or parts of the bones.


Prosthetic Limbs and Medical Models


In addition to implants, 3D technology has other uses as well in the field of medical sciences.


Have you ever seen a person with prosthetic limbs?


The ways through which those limbs were made earlier were never as perfect as they were required to be. So, there were a few anomalies when they were attached to the body. But the introduction of the 3D printed prosthetic limbs solved these issues.


You can design these prosthetic limbs exactly according to the patient’s requirements and hence, they fit in perfectly. And they are already helping patients, including dogs, to move around.



Apart from the prosthetic limbs, the 3D printing technology is also being used in medical studies. The medical models, which are necessary during medical classes, are also being printed with the help of this computers. Hence, they come in handy for the medical students, so that they can utilize the perfect shaped and size of the models.


Foods Right from the Printer


Sounding weird?


But this is another amazing example of how fast 3D printing is taking the world forward!



Printers have been introduced that are meant for creating food items. And these are known to offer dishes, which are easy to consume.


Hence, these foods are being termed as smoothfoods and are quite popular among the elderly and at nursing homes.


One of the best things about such foods is that these can be designed according to your wish. And experts are of the view that this technology of 3D printing foods can even lead to a solution to the global food scarcity problems.





The world of 3D printing is moving ahead at an unbelievable pace.


When you see completed houses coming out of printers, you feel it’s foolish to guess its limitations. And that’s absolutely true.



In addition to all these, the 3D printers are being used to create toys for children, weapons, and so on.


It remains to be seen where 3D printing takes this world after a few years. No matter where the world reaches, the world is surely going to be easy and cozy for the users of 3D printing technology.


Are you aware of any other utilities of 3D printing? Share them with us in the comments section below. We’ll be delighted to hear from you.

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