8 Easy Tips to Write Headlines that Captivate



You have a website with a blog where you are publishing content on a regular basis. Yet, you are not satisfied with the way readers are responding to the blog.


They seem to land on the page and still not spend enough time there. They hardly read the contents in your blog.


So, it actually plays no role in converting your visitors.


The same things happen in case of your emails as well. People don’t seem to be interested enough to open and read them.


Now, does this look too familiar? Is it the issue you are really facing?


Remember, the visitors to your website are super busy. And they hardly spend any time on a web page. In fact, you have just 8 seconds to impress a visitor before she walks out of your webpage.


Therefore, it is quite obvious that the visitors hardly go through the whole content immediately.


So, what can help you engage the audience and make her go through the content? How can you convert this customer by attracting her enough to stay back on the page and read what is there in your blog?


There’s a simple way to do it: focus on the headlines.


Yes, a properly crafted headline can do the magic for you. But that’s something most of the website owners hardly pay any attention to. And you can go that way too, but at your own peril.


Headlines fact


To ensure that your website brings in a few leads, you need to work on the headlines. And if you can create amazing headlines, you might also find your content go viral on the internet.


So, how do you create headlines that convert?


Creating Attractive Headlines


You think writing an engaging headline is child’s play? Think again!


A lot of things need to be kept in mind while creating a perfect headline. And you need to ask yourself a few questions as well.


What structure do you prefer for your headline?


It is one of the most important questions to ask before you actually start drafting a headline. So, here are a few ways you can create headlines that sell:

  • Leverage ‘How to’
  • Include questions
  • Create surprise
  • Generate curiosity
  • Use negative expressions
  • Number the lists


You can also use audience references to make the most of the blog headlines. Besides, the headline that you write needs to have some specific characteristics.

Characters of Headline

If you are planning to draft engaging headlines for your blog or even for an email, these few tips can really come in handy.


Keeping It Short Pays


How long is the headline of your content?


The answer to this question is going to determine how the heading of your content appears online.


You want the whole headline to appear on the keyword search results, right?


Then you have to keep it short.

If you extent the headline beyond 65 characters, only a part of the headline will be shown in the Google. And I’m sure you don’t want that. Similarly, keep the headings limited to six words to make the most effective.


Follow the K.I.S.S. Rule


What’s the main purpose of the content you are creating?


Of course, you have to connect with your target audience. So, the objective should be to express yourself as simply as possible, so that there’s problem in comprehending what you are saying to them.


This is a form of direct headline, which is one of the oldest forms of headlines that have been in use.



All you need to do is express what you need to say bluntly. And that’s not an easy task either. But really effective if you can do it well enough.



Mention the Offers


Are you offering any discount? Or any kind of extra benefit to the customers? You content should say it loud.


There might be a number of offers around for the end users of your business.


But you need to ensure that you select the right one, the one that will grab their attention at the word go.


It might be the USP or the unique selling proposition of the product.


In short, the headline should play its coveted role of informing the target audience that your product or service stands apart.


Inform about the Value Addition


This comes in line with the earlier step.


What is your content presenting the readers with?


The headline should have the answer to this question. And in the most persuasive manner.


Most readers don’t delve in beyond the headline. So, make sure the headline is the most attractive one.


So, how can you do that?


There are several ways, of course.


But one of the most effective ones is surely by using the headline to convey the value you are adding to your target audience.


Once your target audience knows through the headline what’s there in the content, he’ll surely go through it.


Leverage ‘How To’


What are the two most important words on the web? According to digital marketing expert Barry Feldman, these are ‘how to’. And truly so.


Want to know why?


Because majority of the people go online to find answers to something.


A lot of them seek those answers to perform a few tasks. And this is where the term ‘how to’ becomes relevant.


This phrase is a part of the keyword that a person keys in to find the steps required to do a task.


Use Numbers to Form Lists


Are you offering a few tips through the content? Or, planning to offer a list of services?


It is a good idea to mention the number of items in the list right in the headline.


There are some obvious reasons behind this.


When you provide a number in the headline while writing a list of tips, you make an immediate promise to the reader.


Let’s take, for example, a headline, “7 Ways You Can Use Social Media to Generate Leads”.


The moment a reader sees this headline, he can remain assured that if he goes through the content, he will know at least 7 ways how social media can help to generate business leads.


And that’s what will persuade him to go through the content.



Make Lists Unique




This point comes in line with the previous one. And this surely is an extremely easy one.


All you need to do is use some words to make the lists appear attractive.


For example, if you are giving 20 ways to perform web designing for start-ups, you can use a headline like “20 Tips for Start-up Web Design”.


You can also list the reasons for performing some action.


Here’s an example: “10 Reasons Why Your Business Needs Content Marketing”.


These few words, if used properly, can change the complexion of the headlines you write and thus, can improve the effectiveness of the content as well.


Tell Them the Mistakes


Mentioning the mistakes is quite common among the forms of headlines. And they seem to sell well too.


This might sound surprising to you. But this is what you can actually do to make your headlines catchy. In fact, this form of headlines is extremely popular among all.


So, what does this wrong headline contain?


This is surely going to have the format of what not to do. You can list the mistakes here. Here’s a quick example: “7 Content Marketing Mistakes You Had Better Not Commit”.


You can also use negative expressions as well.

Tell the readers what they should not do. You might find this useful as an example: “10 Things You Should Not Do in Content Marketing”. All you need to do is follow this kind of pattern. And the results will be visible in no time at all.




The headlines are the only part of the content that a person reads at the beginning. And it’s her reaction after reading the headline, which determines whether she will go through the rest of the content.


So, if you feel you will create a headline in no time, it is surely not a wise decision.


Take your time.


Give it a good thought.


And then decide a perfect content headline for your write-up or email.


It can play a major role in helping your content find more readers. May make your content go viral too.

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Dipanjan Mukherjee, a content writer and editor by profession, and a web enthusiast by choice, takes special interest in various subjects, including social media, web design, online marketing, and others. A post graduate diploma in Mass Communications and Masters in English, he has worked in a number of industries, including IT, market research, SEO and others. He contributes blogs for Social Media Today, Tweak Your Biz, Softz Solutions Blog, and a number of other popular sites.

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