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Want traffic for your blog?


Are you using social media yet?


Social networks are among the most important source of your traffic. And among them, Facebook surely rules the roost.


Facebook is, undoubtedly, the leader among the social media platforms.


So, if you are looking to drive traffic to your website from the social networks, there’s no way you can keep Facebook away from your social media publication calendar.


Why should you use Facebook?


Because it undoubtedly ranks among the top social media platform for marketing.


And that’s not without any reason.


  • During the first quarter of 2016, Facebook had a whopping 65 billion active monthly users!!!
  • The number of Facebook users are fast increasing at 15%
  • As many as 1.09 billion people log in to their Facebook accounts daily.


These statistics reveal why Facebook shouldn’t take the backseat when you’re creating your marketing calendar.


But are you sure your Facebook posts will become quite popular?



Have you noticed that of the hundreds of thousands of posts made on Facebook, only a few become extremely popular? Only a few go viral?


That’s because they can engage the visitors to the page with the content.


So, how can you do that?


This video tells you how to gain more Facebook fans in less time.



Make the Most of Your Facebook Page


How can you drive traffic to and increase engagement to make the most of your Facebook business page?


Here’s a quick look at some of the most effective ways to make your Facebook business page a hit among your target audience.




Post Short Updates


How long are your updates and posts on your Facebook page?


Remember, you’re catering to a target audience who are a part of a super busy life. And man has an attention span of only 8 seconds!


So, it is essential that your posts are quite short.


But how short should be optimum?


According to digital marketing guru Neil Patel, the posts with less than 80 characters drive 23% more engagement.


So, it is a good idea to keep the posts below that threshold to engage your readers.


Use Cross-linking


You want more people to visit your Facebook page, right?


So, you’ll have to create backlinks to the page from other platforms.


What’s the best way to do that?


You can use cross-reference to ensure that more people visit from different social networks.


How to do that?


Share the link to your Facebook link on other social media platforms. For example, in your Twitter profile, just below your profile picture, share the link for your Facebook business page.


Cross-linking is likely to increase the number of people coming to your Facebook page, as your other social media profiles will start functioning as the sources.


Be Visual


Man is a visual animal.


So, the more visual you are with your posts on Facebook, the more likely you are to engage your viewers.


Remember, a picture speaks a thousand words. Hence, the images will help you communicate with your audience. And a video speaks even more. So, post videos on the Facebook page as well.


You can also create and post infographics, which are among the most effective visual marketing tools these days.


When you’re using images, create memes by including text on them. You can use quotes or other text, which will attract the attention of the readers.



Visuals are surely going to increase engagement on your Facebook business page.


Ask the Audience


You want your Facebook posts to engage your target audience, don’t you?


Then why not ask questions?


Questions invoke a response quite naturally.


This means, in addition to engaging the audience, you’re also ensuring that they are becoming involved with your Facebook post in some way.


Decide the questions depending on the type of audience you have.


However, the questions can be of various types.


  • Your questions can test the knowledge of your audience on a relevant topic.
  • You can ask the audience their forecast about a certain feature you’re likely to introduce soon.
  • You can use problem-solving questions as well.


No matter what type of question you’re asking, ensure that you keep them short and crisp. And don’t stick to a single type of question. Mix them to ensure that they are interesting.


Update the World


Are you worried that your followers on Facebook page are on the wane?


Aren’t your Facebook posts engaging enough?


More importantly, are they stale, smelling of history?


No wonder your Facebook page isn’t performing well.


Remember, social media is all about remaining updated and in the present. So, if you are sharing something that’s already available in the market – STOP!!!


Your Facebook page is a place to sell novel ideas. And you can add your perspectives to the existing ideas.


In short, you must make new objects, plans, and ideas available to your target audience to drive traffic to your Facebook business page.


Display Events behind the Scenes


People are always curious about events that aren’t taking place in front of their eyes.


So, the behind-the-scene images and videos are always quite interesting.


Are you trying to drive traffic to and increase engagement on your Facebook page?


Then you must share a little behind the scene sneak peek.




Because the posts and blogs that share behind the scene enjoy lots of shares.


Here’s a quick look at a post on Buffer Blog on behind-the-scene strategies. This has garnered over a thousand shares!




Want to know how you can do that?


Click a few images and post them on the Facebook page.


You can also shoot a number of videos that show how the product or service you offer is made ready for the customer.


These behind the scene views are sure to engage lots of your fans.




Facebook is one of the most effective platforms to drive traffic to your business.


When you’re on Facebook, you should create a page for your business. Besides, you can also be present on various groups on Facebook.


Remember, more traffic to your Facebook page means more traffic to your website. This, in turn, leads to high revenue generation.


So, you must follow these tips to drive maximum traffic to your Facebook business page.


Are you aware of any other way to drive traffic to your Facebook page?


Share with us in the comments. We’re eager to hear from you.

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