8 Surefire Tips to Generate Traffic with SlideShare

slideshare traffic generation


Starting your business? Want to make big with it?


You will surely need one thing to do that. Web traffic.


Without traffic, you can’t expect your business to grow. So, you must generate traffic.


However, it’s easier said than done.


You might have to do a lot of things to bring more traffic to your website.


These days, you can even use social media to bring more traffic to your website. Besides, there are also several other ways to do that. One of the most effective websites from where you can bring traffic to your website is, surely, SlideShare.


Did you know that SlideShare can be a huge source of traffic for your business?


That’s not without any reason.

  • The number of SlideShare users is over 70 million. And it’s ever increasing.
  • As many as 18 million content have been shared on SlideShare.
  • 19.5 million presentations from SlideShare have been shared on LinkedIn.


So, won’t it be great if you can get a chunk of the huge SlideShare traffic?



How to Get Some SlideShare Traffic


No doubt, SlideShare is one of the most effective platforms to reach out to millions of people. And you can do this within the shortest possible time.


So, you must use SlideShare for spreading the word about your business and to bring more traffic to your website to take your business forward.


But you’ll have to follow a few steps to make the most of SlideShare to get maximum traffic to the website.


Here’s a quick look at some of the most effective tips to get maximum traffic with SlideShare.


traffic from slideshare


Present Your USP Prudently


Why would people view your presentations? How do they stand out?


When you’re creating presentations and want to drive traffic with them, you must be having answers to these questions.


It’s the unique selling proposition (USP) that makes your brand different from the others. So, you must create your business USP prudently. And ensure that you’re putting it clearly in the presentations.


The USP decides whether your target audience want to buy your product and service or not. So, ensure that you’re presenting your USP in the best possible manner.



Share the Links


You are creating presentations and posting them on SlideShare.


You want to drive traffic to your website from those presentations.


So, what are the most important things that you’ll need to direct traffic from SlideShare to your website?


The links, of course.


So, include the links of your website in various parts of the presentation. You can use it in different slides. But ensure that they are relevant enough.


You must be writing a description for your SlideShare presentation. Include the links to your website in the description as well. The objective is to drive as much traffic as possible from your SlideShare presentations to your website.


Include Essential Statistics


How are you presenting your points in the presentation?


Remember, viewpoint without data holds no good.


So, you’ll have to support your statements in the presentation with statistics. And for that, you’ll have to find proper sources that people think are credible enough.


Statistics make your content more trustworthy. And if you can design them well, turn them into graphs or charts, they can be turned into components of a really exciting and attractive presentation.



Add Keywords and Phrases


Want more traffic through SlideShare?


You need to ensure first that your presentations on SlideShare get enough traffic.


How can you do that?


Include keywords in the presentation. You should place the keywords in the slide titles as well as in the body. Besides, you can also include the keywords and phrases in the meta tags also, if you want to see your presentations rank high on keyword search results.


Write a Captivating Title


No matter what you’re creating, the title does more than half the job for you.


In this busy world, almost 80% people read only the title of a content. So, it’s important to have a catchy content. The same holds true for your presentations as well.


How can you write a title that captivates?


You must focus on a few specific words, which are known to attract the attention of the readers. Some of these include ‘Limited’, ‘Free’, and so on.


You can also follow a few tips to write great headlines and titles to attract the attention of your audience to your presentation to attract some SlideShare traffic to your business website.


Focus on Value Addition


What stuff are you presenting on SlideShare?


That’s going to play an extremely important role in ensuring whether you can get some of the immense SlideShare traffic to your business website. But there’s more to it.


Whatever you’re sharing on SlideShare must have a touch of mastery in them. So, select the topics that you really have in-depth knowledge about.


If you want people to come to your website, you’ll have to share something useful with them. While creating the presentations, ensure that you are:

  • adding real value to the potential leads.
  • catering to the requirements of your target audience.
  • keeping your brand characteristics in mind.


Remember, the customers are looking for the best companies in the highly competitive business landscape. So, until you prove yourself to be a value provider in a subject through the presentation you’re uploading on SlideShare, you can expect to win them over.


Make Your Presentations Attractive


Are your presentations really great to look at?


Visual attractiveness is one of the key factors that play a major role in catch the eyes of your potential target audience. More so in case of SlideShare.


So, you must create attractive visuals while creating presentations for SlideShare if you’re looking to get some SlideShare traffic for your business website.


Here’s a quick look at some of the ways you can create a catchy presentation for SlideShare.


slideshare presentation tips


If you’re looking to glue the audience with designing, try to focus more on the first few slides. But ensure that you’re not overdoing the design part and reducing the importance of the text.


While creating your presentation, ensure that you’re focusing on the brand colors.


Keep It Simple, Stupid!


No matter what you’re using to create presentation, you must be having limited space for each slide. So, if you want to put too much information in each slide, it will become complicated. People will find it difficult to go through the whole information.


Remember, people do not have lots of time to go through your presentation.


So, if you’re planning to get a message home, follow the K.I.S.S. rule, which says “Keep It Simple, Stupid”.




If you’re planning to spread the word about your business, you must drive traffic to your website. Why not get some of the immense SlideShare traffic to your site as well? And it’s not extremely difficult to do that as well. All you need to do are follow these few tips.


When you’re using SlideShare for your business and want SlideShare traffic for your site, you must use it prudently. If you can do that, SlideShare can turn out to be a great source for your website traffic and help you earn more customers and, in turn, revenues.

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