Top 3 Tips to Drive Results with Influencer Marketing

influencer marketing


The landscape of digital marketing is changing continually. The consumers of today have significantly more power than their yesteryear counterparts. The rise of social media has helped them and this is creating a shift in marketing.


Don’t worry, content marketing is still one of the best strategies to be adopted for business.


But there’s something else as well that’s slowly stealing the limelight.


That’s influencer marketing. And it’s time to get acquainted with its strategies to take your business forward with great strides.


To Start with – What is Influencer Marketing?


According to Tapinfluence, “Influencer marketing is a type of marketing that focuses on using key leaders to drive your brand’s message to the larger market. Rather than marketing directly to a large group of consumers, you instead inspire / hire / pay influencers to get out the word for you.


In this form of marketing, the key leaders are focused on spreading the message of the brand among the consumers. This form of marketing goes hand in hand with two other popular forms of marketing — content marketing and social media marketing.


Basic Actions of Influencer Marketing


There are a few basic actions needed to build a successful influencer campaign. And with them, you need to form a proper strategy and follow a number of steps to get things going. Here’s a quick look at some of them:

influencer marketing


To make a headway in influencer marketing, you must follow a focused approach. Follow these steps to make the most of influencer marketing and take your business to newer heights:


Differentiate between Influencer and Advocate


Influencer and advocate — two completely different terms and different meanings.


So, who is an influencer?


A popular figure who comes with a number of followers, has a blog of his own, and is extremely active on the social media platforms, such as Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. He may or may not need an incentive to promote your brand.


Advocates, on the other hand, come in quite a different shape and with some other utility. They may not have a blog of their own; hundreds of followers on the social media platforms might be a distant dream for them. However, if they choose to influence the market, the reason behind that would be nothing but the love and passion for the product. Vocal and passionate, they are sure to praise your brand both online as well as offline.


Know your Goals and Objectives


Planning to approach an influencer to speak about your brand? Are you aware of your marketing goals and objectives?


Do not reach out to all who comes with a blog. Instead, divide the influencers into multiple categories depending on their fan following.


The members of the first category must have thousands of followers. This count can come down gradually in the second and third categories.


Wondering how to make influential personalities to speak about your brand?


Yes, it’s really hard to get hold of the first category to do it for your brand as they’re quite busy. However, you can always get the second and the third categories to help you out.


Before you approach them to speak about your product or brand, try to develop a relation with the influencer.


Wondering how you can do it?


  • Comment on their blog
  • Start a conversation through Facebook or Twitter.
  • Use social media as much as you can.


Try out other ways that you think might come in handy. If you’re still unable to make a headway in influencer marketing campaign, take the help of an agency. And while doing that, check out the past campaigns of the agency you’re hiring to understand the type of engagement you can generate with their help.


Allow Influencers Access to Information


Need the influencers speak for your brand?


To help them, share the white papers, articles, press releases as well as interviews relevant to your brand. They will not know your brand unless you help them out. Remember, you can share the information, but you must allow them to speak in their tone and voice.


The influencers know their own audience much better than you and can frame the content accordingly to touch the chord. They already have a huge fan following and there must be a reason behind that. So, depend on them. It’s better not to criticize them too much, though you can always voice your opinion.




Is the influencer marketing campaign performing well enough for your business?


Keep your eyes wide open to understand whether it is driving in the desired results for you or not.


Remember that page views are not the only way to measure the efficiency of content. Several technologies are available nowadays to analyze things deeper. You can take a look at the dashboard of the agency if you want to run an influencer campaign and find out whether it is comprehensive and easy to use.


In short, make your influencer marketing campaign captivating enough to fetch dividends from it for your business.

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