7 Tips to Create Infographics that Make Eyes Pop

infographic tips


Not getting desired results from your digital marketing endeavors?


What are you depending on? Writing loads of content, which only has large paragraphs of text?


If you want to carve out of a niche for your business online, you have to think beyond chunks of text. They won’t help you get the best results.


So, what can you use to spread the word about your business in the digital world?


Visual marketing can be of great help. And for that, you’ll have to use various components of visual marketing. Among them, infographics is surely an important component these days.


There are quite a few online tools to create inforaphics. You can use them to get the best products. But you also need follow a few infographic creation tips to ensure that the one you create is informative, attractive, and engaging.

Integrating Infographics in Your Marketing Plan


Are you going for infographics?


The first question that might come to your mind is: what is an infographic?


The answer lies in the name itself. An infographic is the graphical representation of information.


So, the infographic brings in more visual approach to your marketing endeavors.


You must follow a few tips to create infographic to ensure that they are attractive and engaging. But you should also work towards making the infographic a part of your marketing procedure.


Why is Infographic So Important?



Infographics are extremely important for your marketing endeavor. Here’s why:

  • Because human brain processes visuals a whopping 60,000 times faster than text.
  • Of the information transmitted to the brain, 90% is visual.
  • As much as 40% people respond better to images and visuals than they do to text.


This is why an infographic brings in better results for your marketing efforts.

Did you know?
  • Infographics are shared 3 times more than the other visuals.
  • 60% marketers feel the use of infographics will increase significantly in 2016.


This is an age of visual marketing. So, marketers are going to focus on visuals for spreading the word about their businesses. And what can be better than infographics to attract the attention of the target audience?


Yes, infographics can be used as a great marketing tool. However, creating them isn’t an easy task.


Here’s a quick look at a few infographic creation tips that make eyes pop and help your business flourish.


infographic creation tips

Know Your Target Audience


Why are you creating infographics for your business?


You must be aiming to spread the word about your product or service. So, you must have a clear idea about your target audience as well.


So, do you know what your target audience want?


Your infographics must answer their queries.


This will also help you select topics for the infographic.

Cater to Your Customers


So, you know who your target audience are. These can include your existing and potential customers. So, you must focus on creating an infographic that caters to their requirements.


If you have a clear idea about your target audience, you should know what they are fond of. So, your infographics should speak of that. You must not create an infographic that’s not relevant to your target audience.


So, how can you create infographic that are meant only for your target audience?


For that, you’ll need to engage in a good amount of research. You must follow proper infographic creation tips and find the most appropriate content that make your existing and potential customers interested.

Follow the K.I.S.S. Rule


Designing occupies a major part of your infographic creation. So, when you are creating the infographic, ensure that you follow the basic rules of designing. And you’ll, of course, have to follow the K.I.S.S. rule as a part of the most effective tips to create infographic creation tips.


What does the K.I.S.S. rule of designing say?


It says, Keep It Simple, Stupid.


Yes, you might feel like giving loads of information through your infographic. But remember, people won’t have much time to go through your infographic. They will rather just glance through it. So, you must not make them complex.


Keep your infographics as simple as possible.

Engage in Research to Dig Statistics


What information are you sharing with your audience?


Remember, the infographic must be attractive. And you can’t make it really engaging if it’s only full of text.


So, you must include graphics and images in the infographic you’re creating.


What’s the best way to do that?


You should include statistics. And that calls for a good amount of research. And once you have the statistics and data, you can include them in form of graphs and charts. They are surely going to make the infographic more colorful and attractive.

Edit to Make It Crisp


When you’re creating an infographic on a certain subject, you might get lots of information on it. This is when you need to become a prudent editor and select the information that you want to convey.


Select only those information, which are absolutely necessary for creating your infographic. Do away with the rest. Otherwise, you might end up creating an infographic, which is overstuffed with information and hence, looks clumsy.


So, you must edit the information acquired and do away with the extra bit to make the infographic short and smart.

Get the Style Right


Want your infographic to be attractive and engaging?


You must ensure that the style is right.


A properly styled infographic:

  • is visual appealing
  • maintains a proper hierarchy
  • focuses on a limited number of shades or colors
  • uses only a few fonts, which are attractive but simple


Once the style of your infographic is perfect, you can expect it to be attractive enough.

Embrace Storytelling



What do you want to communicate to your target audience through the infographic?


Express it through an engaging story.


People love to listen to stories. So, you must engage in storytelling to attract their attention.


Remember, every object can have a story of its own. You must tell it prudently.


The story you weave must have a proper flow, which should be reflected in the infographic. While it will make the viewers attracted towards your infographic design, it will also take the content forward.



With every passing day, visual marketing is becoming more and more important. It’s an integral part of any digital marketing plan these days. And when you’re focusing on visual marketing, you can’t keep infographics away from your marketing plan.


When you’re creating an infographic, it’s important to design it in such a way that it attract your existing and potential customers. You can follow these infographic creation tips to ensure that your infographic gives maximum marketing results.

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