Paint Saved by Outpouring of Love and Nostalgia

MS Paint saved


When was the first time you had used Microsoft Paint? The use of the tools, such as Pencil, Eraser, various shapes, colors, and so on – do you remember vividly how it felt?


For the generation born in early or even middle 1980s, Microsoft Paint, formerly known as Paintbrush, was probably the most attractive programme in a computer that had Windows in it. And if you’re an artist or love to draw and paint, Microsoft Paint can surely claim to have fascinated you during the early days when you had just started using computer.


These days, you have too many advanced applications for painting and editing your pictures to even say a hello to your good old friend, which lies unattended in the Menu of your laptop. Yet, if you open it some time, you must be feeling a gush of nostalgia running down your spine.


You really feel it, don’t you?


What if you don’t have the opportunity any more to have a look ever again at the application that’s so close to your heart?


Believe it or not — that was almost going to become the reality.


Paint was to be Deprecated


Microsoft had announced Paint to be on the chopping block for the Windows 10 Fall Creators update.



According to Microsoft, the features under the Deprecated column are ‘not in active development and might be removed in future releases’. So, Paint was sure to get axed.


Why was Paint Going to Get Fired?


If you’re an art lover who enjoyed the advent of the computers, one of the first features of the computer that you must have explored was Microsoft Paint. It wasn’t a great app ever for drawing pictures – true. But it was great if you wanted to scribble something in a digital format. And Paint is still great if you want to change the format of an image file. However, Paint had never been a great editor. It was only a simple application with a few basic tools.


paint tools


The advent of different types of photo editing platforms didn’t help the cause of Paint as well. These days, you have various applications, such as Photoshop, or even various free platforms, such as Gimp, which can help you do almost anything you wish with a picture. You can even use these applications and platforms to create excellent images from scratch.


Now, the truth is, you can’t achieve this with Microsoft Paint. So, no wonder it was fast losing its importance among the users who were looking for some advanced techniques for editing images.


What was Going to Happen to Paint?


Microsoft’s decision to deprecate Paint doesn’t come as a surprise though.


Microsoft had long been trying to create something that surpasses the achievements of this application. And they had also introduced Paint 3D in 2016. This was an unprecedented move by the Company, who, after a little more than three decades, decided to give a new dimension to the popular application.


The new application was supposed to make 3D painting easier than ever before. Microsoft Paint, on the other hand, was not going to have a space in Windows 10 anymore.


Too Loved to be Removed


Are you feeling sorry for Paint after hearing this?


Yes, that’s what lots of people did. People who use Paint or had used it as a child.


And why won’t they?


Paint had been with them for almost 32 years. Many of them have grown up scribbling on the application. In fact, it had been the favorite childhood application of people who have grown into popular artists in future. Moreover, many people want their children to use this app to give them a proper feel of drawing digitally.


So, soon after Microsoft announced that they’ve placed Paint in their Deprecated list, love poured in. The application experienced immense shower of love from the users who were soaked in nostalgia.


The emotional outburst was too prominent for Microsoft to ignore.


A Shift to Windows Store for Free


“MS Paint is here to stay” – read the title on Windows blog by Megan Saunders, General Manager at Microsoft, after the Company experienced the “incredible outpouring of support and nostalgia around MS Paint”.


While announcing the advent of Paint 3D, the blog ensured that MS Paint is not going to lose it’s job. All it’s going to do is change its place – from the Windows application to its new place – the Windows Store. And you can download it from there free of cost.




Although it was going to shelve Paint, Microsoft decided to back off from the decision. The result of experiencing how much people still love the 32-year old application. However, Paint is unlikely to experience any new updates. Instead, the Company is going to focus completely on Paint 3D to help the users create new objects with an additional dimension.

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