Anticipated Technology Trends to Rule the World by 2025



Science and technology has always been like the flowing river. They have moved along in great strides since a long time.


Frankly speaking, no one can think of how life had been when technological blessings hadn’t arrived. And it’s quite difficult to anticipate how technology trends will change lives in distant future.

Remember, no one ever thought that men will be able to fly one day. But a few people thought of making it possible. The result: the airplane was born.


Or, take X-ray for an example. It was just an accident that changed the shape of the medical world.


Science and technology has, since the earliest days, been driven by such amazing dreams and accidents. So, it is not possible to tell for sure what technologies are going to rule the world 10 years hence.



Yet, a closer look at the way the world of technology is shaping up helps to take at least a wild guess at how the world is going to look like about 10 years hence.


So, here’s a quick look at some of the technology trends that are likely to become quite common in human lives by 2025.


The Sun will Rule



Companies, such as Solyndra and Amonix might not have been able to live up to the expectations. But that does not mean the end of the road for solar energy. In fact, the ride has just begun.


Solar energy would not be confined to the environmentally conscious few, but would become quite common among all. And this technological trend is expected to be driven by new inventions, which will create a photosynthetic process. It will ensure that solar energy is available round the clock, irrespective of how the weather is.


Electric Vehicles to Dominate the Roads



This is being observed already to some extent. And by 2025, this will become the trend. Electric vehicles will become the primary mode of transport. But for that, a few tweaks are necessary. And we are sure to get it ready within at least a decade.


So, what will the changed electric cars be like?


The primary change will be a significant one: the battery life will increase significantly. So, it won’t be a problem anymore to travel longer distances in electric vehicles. This might even inspire the airlines to move towards this form of alternative fuel as well.


A More Connected World


Do you feel that we are digitally connected in this world?


In 2025, when you will retrospect about the life that you led about a decade back, you will surely wonder how you could live such an isolated life.


From a tale of internet of things, it will be a world of the internet of everything. The field of communication is expected to be dominated by wireless devices and technology. And no part of the world, not even the continent of Africa, will remain isolated. All are anticipated to be digitally connected by 2025.


Robots and Drones Everywhere


It’s been quite some time since robots have been deployed at the manufacturing units at different factories. And this step has been quite successful till now.


So, is this expected to turn into a common trend in near future?


Probably yes.


So, how will the world full of robots look like?


They’re going to be used for a wide range of services. And if robotics is integrated with artificial intelligence, which is being done quite rapidly, that might turn out to be the game-changer. According to an analysis, by 2025, one in every three jobs are going to be performed either by software or by robots.



Robots might be accompanied by drones as well. The use of drones will also reach its zenith in a decade’s time.


Industrial Revolution by the Robots


Have you ever wondered how the world will look like if most of your jobs are done by the robots? With the advancements in the field of artificial intelligence, this might not even be as far as 2025. So, it is likely that:

  • most of the people will lose the jobs that they are currently doing
  • many of these jobs will be taken up by the robots


Moreover, this is likely to result in the fourth industrial revolution when most of the lower and middle income jobs are going to be usurped by the robots. And automation is expected to replace factory jobs. However, optimists predict that human intelligence will evolve as well. So, it is highly anticipated that new industries will also be developed.


3D Printing will be Huge


In 2025, you will get almost any object you want.


Want to know how?


Thank the invention called 3D printing.


Yes, 3D printing is already available to some extent. And by 2025, it will be almost everywhere. If you want an object, all you will need to do is design the thing you desire on the computer and print it with the help of a 3D printer. The ready object will come out. This is being deployed already to print a wide range of objects, including:

  • garments
  • prosthetic limbs
  • toys for kids


Even houses and apartments are being printed with the help of such printers. This technology is sure to become increasingly popular with every passing day. And by 2025 you can expect 3D printing to shape a few other industries as well.



Welcome to a Cleaner, Greener World


By 2025, man will try to correct his wrongdoings to mother earth. It will be time to bid goodbye to petroleum-based packaging options, such as plastic bottles and others. Instead, materials derived from cellulose will be used for this purpose. And all of these are going to be biodegradable.


So, the scenario will change in such a way that there won’t be dumped discarded packaging. And the earth will become cleaner. Let’s hope, it will become a better place to live in than it’s now.


Improved Healthcare


There are quite a few associated fields, which will enjoy the advancements in the field of technology. Among them, healthcare surely is a leading one.


Wondering how it is going to get transformed with the advancement of technology?


The changes are quite obvious. Advancements in technology means:


  • new instruments
  • new medicines


And together with these, it will also lead to new perspectives.


The result: cures for many of the so-called incurable and deadly diseases, such as Cancer, Type-1 Diabetes, and others might be discovered.


So, the life expectancy is surely going to increase a great extent. Besides, food supply will increase significantly to ensure there’s no crisis of edible ingredients and malnutrition anywhere in the world. The 3-D printed prosthetic limbs and organs will also make surgeries easier to deal with and lives better even for accident victims.


Summing It Up


In short, technological advancements by 2025 would reach amazing heights, which are almost impossible to think of even just a decade prior to it. It will make life easier than you can think of right now, taking us into a world, which is connected and more comfortable.

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