10 Effective Ways to Generate Traffic with LinkedIn

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Have you been using LinkedIn for your business of late?


LinkedIn surely is one of the best platforms to look for jobs. But did you know that it also has immense potential in the field of marketing.


Have you been using social media to generate leads and traffic for your business website?


LinkedIn is, in fact, one of the best platforms that you can use to bring more traffic to your website. And it’s not too difficult as well.


But you might ask a relevant question – why go for LinkedIn?


Because it is, undoubtedly, the largest professional social networking website around.


Did You Know?


  • LinkedIn has almost a whopping 450 million active users. And it’s ever increasing.
  • Every second, 2 new members are joining this professional social networking website.
  • The number of countries covered by this professional network is over 200.


No wonder, LinkedIn can be a gold mine for any marketer who wants to generate traffic for her website. But to ensure that your website gets that traffic, you’ll have to follow a few techniques.



Here’s a quick look at some of the steps to help you generate traffic with LinkedIn.



generate traffic with linkedin

Have a Complete Profile


Do your connections on LinkedIn know every required detail about you?


They should. And for that, you must complete your profile. If you are a small business owner or hold a post of importance in the business, you should maintain your LinkedIn profile. And it must be complete.


It is always better to have your own personal profile on LinkedIn. That’s because people connect better with real persons than to company pages. And that profile should be 100% complete.




Because it will ensure that people have all the information required.


You should also add a high-quality image will attract the attention of the viewers.



Adding an image helps your LinkedIn profile to get up to:

  • 21 times more profile views.
  • 36 times more messages.


This proves that more complete your LinkedIn profile is, more it is likely to attract the attention of the viewers. And with increase in the number of profile viewers, your chances of driving more people to your website is going to increase.


Expand Your Connections


Whom do you connect with in LinkedIn?


Only the people you personally know?


That might be a major mistake you’re committing.


It’s essential to grow your network on LinkedIn. And it makes no sense to do so by depending only on the first-degree connections.


You can go through the suggestions made by LinkedIn in the People You May Know section in your profile, which you can access under the My Network tab that you get once you log in.


Want to know why it’s so important to expand your list of connections?


Each LinkedIn post reaches about 20% of your network on the platform, which can be less or more, depending on the size of your network.


So, you must find people belonging to your industry and send them invitations to increase your connections.



Be Active on a Regular Basis


Are you active on LinkedIn?


It’s one of the best ways to attract the attention of other LinkedIn users and increase your profile views. With it, increases the chance of driving the profile visitors to your website as well.


To increase visitors to your LinkedIn profile on a regular basis, you can:

  • post status updates
  • update your profile
  • add something interesting to the LinkedIn page of your company
  • answer queries on LinkedIn Answers


You can also go through the status updates and posts of your connections and comment on those. It will bring your profile to their attention, thus increasing your chances of getting more profile views.


Add Your Website Links


Are people visiting your LinkedIn profile?


You can find that out easily. LinkedIn tells you that. It also tells you who visited your profile.


But even after people visit your LinkedIn profile, you might not be able to make the most out of it.


To ensure that people who view your LinkedIn profile visits your website, you’ll have to guide them to the site.


How can you do that?


The basic thing that you must do is include the website link on your LinkedIn profile. Under the option for websites, provide the links of the sites you own, so that people can view them and visit the sites with a single click.


Try to add variety to the list of website addresses you add. It will encourage the readers to click as well as share them if they find the links interesting. You can add the homepage of your website or blog. Besides, you can also add links to various other landing pages to drive the visitors to your LinkedIn profile to those sites.


Establish Yourself as an Industry Expert on LinkedIn


Even if people visit your LinkedIn profile, why would they visit the websites that you list there?


How can you convince them that they’ll find something of value if they visit your websites?


To do that, you must establish yourself as an expert in your industry.


Is there a way you can do that on LinkedIn?



You can engage in discussions on this professional social networking website. You can join LinkedIn groups associated with your industry and answer relevant questions that are raised there.


This will help you carve out a niche for yourself as an industry expert. This is going to come in really handy for you if you want to bring traffic with LinkedIn to your business website.


Share Your Blog Posts as Status


Do you write blog posts for your website?


You can share them on LinkedIn. Besides, you must share the blog posts individually with your connections. This is going to come in handy if you’re looking to generate traffic with LinkedIn for your website.


It can help you get multiple benefits:

  • It will be easier for you to find status for your LinkedIn profile.
  • The blog posts will attract people who might even share them if they find those interesting. Thus, it will increase your exposure.
  • It will help to establish you as an industry expert.


Moreover, when the readers click the links of the blog posts, they will land on your website, thus increasing traffic.


Create New Groups to Interact with Others


If you’re looking to bring traffic with LinkedIn to your website and blog, you’ll have to create a new group of your own. It’s not difficult to create a group on LinkedIn. But you’ll have to ensure that the group has the required criteria necessary to attract the attention of your target audience.

create linkedin groups



Do you have a list of your potential customers?


Add them to the group you’ve created. This will help you remain in touch with them and thus, enhance the chances of doing business.


Join Relevant Groups and Engage with Other Members


In addition to creating groups yourself, you can also join relevant groups on LinkedIn. In fact, if you look close, you might find quite a few groups that can generate your interest.


Why join existing LinkedIn groups?


Because it can help you in more ways than one.


Facing an issue about your business? Submit your question in the group. There are usually a number of experts who can help you on the matter. You might also get new ideas in these groups and can develop these ideas further.


These groups will also help you connect with the influencers on LinkedIn. This, in turn, is likely to come in extremely handy for your business.


Connect with Your Audience Proactively


What’s the most important thing you need if you’re looking to generate traffic with LinkedIn for your business website?


You need to connect perfectly with your target audience on LinkedIn. And the first step towards that is to recognize who your target audience are.


Once you know your target audience, you should send them invitations. And you should also celebrate the success of your target audience. For example, if one of your target audience highlights a recent achievement, you can share it as a status update on your profile. This is going to increase the connection between you and your target audience.


Leverage LinkedIn Pulse


You are already sharing your blog posts as status on LinkedIn. Along with it, you can also use LinkedIn Pulse to share your blogs.


Pulse is an amazing feature from LinkedIn, which enables you to share various posts on this professional social media platform. It’s also a great way to get traffic with LinkedIn to your website and blog.


You can write summary of the blogs that you’re publishing on your blog and post them on LinkedIn Pulse. At the end of the summary, you can post the link of your write-up on the blog and ask the readers to visit it for more information.


You can also do the same by posting the initial part of the write-up on Pulse and providing the link of your blog, so that the readers can go through the whole post there. It will come in handy to bring more traffic with LinkedIn to your blog, which, in turn, will help to generate leads.




When you have a business website, it requires maximum exposure.


So, you need traffic for it.


You can use various ways to bring traffic to your website. Using LinkedIn can be a great option. A few effective steps can help you get traffic with LinkedIn for your website. It will ensure that your website has maximum traffic, which can be turned into leads and revenues.

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